Correct your addresses before you mail. Our data hygiene reduces mailing costs, saving you money by eliminating waste.

What good is a catalog that’s sent to the wrong address? Our family knew the frustration all too well: dozens of pieces of mail returned, all for the same reason: “Addressee not at address”. Wasted money, time, and materials from incorrect data. That’s why we came up with data hygiene.

Data Hygiene SERVICES

Mail with confidence Make each mailing effort count with an updated mailing list, reducing waste up to 20%

Verify your entire customer database with our data hygiene program. We use over 25,000 frequently-updated consumer data sources and 30-plus years of documented move history to ensure each address is the right one, providing an updated address for each one of your contacts.

  • Make your advertising dollars count

Make sure every piece is mailed to the right person at the correct address.

  • Eliminate waste

Remove duplicates, wrong addresses, and outdated information from those who have moved or have passed away.

  • Mail with confidence

Merge multiple records into a simplified, verified master list.

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